Digital Marketing encompasses many aspects of modern communications efforts. The presentation and functionality of a brand’s website, its social media strategy, e-mail marketing campaigns, and other forms of digital branding and outreach are all essential tools to succeed for modern businesses. FischTank has expertise in designing, developing, publishing, and conducting outreach utilizing digital marketing efforts to best leverage your message in a way that your target audience will easily consume and understand.

FischTank digital marketing capabilities include:

E-Mail Marketing
E-mail marketing is a powerful tool for modern day business. Whether a publicly traded company seeking to deliver updates to shareholders, a non-profit attempting to raise its profile, or a business pursuing sales and customer lead acquisition, e-mail marketing needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy. FischTank works with only the best e-mail distribution platforms to design and execute e-mail marketing strategies to achieve any organization’s objective, while also providing in-depth measurement that can be tracked by the organization to determine ROI.

Web Design
FischTank provides thorough execution for establishing a brand’s presence. Relying on years of experience in creating and maintaining websites spanning several industries, FischTank has developed a reputation for producing websites that best reflect clients’ strengths and objectives. This includes identifying URLs, developing content, performing design, achieving high functionality and user experience, and ultimately delivering and maintaining a modern, effective website.

Social Media
It is no longer acceptable to say, “Sure, we have social, we’re doing Facebook and Twitter.” The digital landscape is rapidly changing, and new methods to reach potential partners, investors and customers are readily available to be capitalized on. FischTank develops a customized social media strategy for each client, ensuring the correct message is optimized and published to reach the appropriate audience while increasing engagement and brand awareness.