FischTank is an established leader in the conception and execution of marketing and communications campaigns for organizations of all industries and sizes. As a one-stop shop for these needs, FischTank designs and implements campaigns that include public relations outreach, digital (e-mail, social, etc.) marketing efforts, and content writing strategies to serve as your company’s marketing and communications department. FischTank’s core practice areas include:

  • Business and Marketing Technology – Whether a start-up or established brand, technology companies must market themselves efficiently and creatively – and as new and innovative technologies emerge – stand out in a crowded marketplace. FischTank builds custom messaging and campaign strategies that focus on your existing platforms, products, clients and customers, while positioning your company as an industry innovator at the forefront of its field of business. FischTank develops marketing and communications programs for private and publicly traded companies spanning mobile advertising and digital advertising, data analytics, social media, apps and app development, professional business services, automated marketing platforms, digital agencies, creative agencies, and more.
  • Renewable Energy – With the emergence of solar, wind, storage, hydrogen, and countless other innovative technologies focused on making our planet more sustainable, renewable energy technologies have become a major part of the global environmental discussion. Interest in this sector is growing rapidly, and FischTank can provide the platform and presence to have your company’s voice heard and message resonate with investors and customers. FischTank supports companies with next generation technology as well as those with commercialized products and services already available.
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences – With the complexity of current treatments, therapeutics and technologies, it is crucial to be able to convey your company’s mission and message in a way that all audiences can understand. FischTank’s strategic marketing campaigns will reach investors, medical professionals, patients, media members, and others who may have interest in specific sectors within biotech and life sciences. These programs support companies of all sizes ranging from start-up organizations to NASDAQ-listed companies with commercialized products.
  • Financial Services – Times have changed in the financial services industry. Where it used to be difficult, or even non-compliant, to market specific aspects of a fund, product, or firm, recent regulations have created an environment where those who market themselves gain market share. The financial services industry isn’t exclusive to creativity. FischTank helps financial firms develop and execute traditional and digital marketing solutions to achieve your goals.
  • Nonprofit and Public Affairs – Whether generating visibility for your organization and cause, or providing crisis management, messaging, media training and consulting FischTank can support your campaigns, government bodies, corporations, and individuals seeking exposure in support of their advocacy. FischTank works with organizations including charities, state and federal government entities, shelters, and other non-profit groups to hone and effectively distribute its message.
  • Real Estate – Real Estate investors, developers and financiers all benefit from modern marketing and public relations. Whether you are looking to establish thought leadership, attract buyers, or want to publicize deal-flow, FischTank will utilize public relations, e-mail marketing, and other tactics to generate Return On Investment. FischTank works with private developers, brokerage teams, public REITs, and other real estate organizations to generate these results on a project basis, or through a continuous branding and thought leadership campaign.
  • Sports and Entertainment – Sports teams, sports influencers, and entertainers depend on media exposure and other marketing initiatives to increase their following, drive tickets sales, and increase their fan base. FischTank works with individuals, teams and organizations to promote fan events, promote team awards and creative projects, and highlight initiatives that position the team or individual at the forefront of their industry.