Whether generating visibility for an organization’s worthwhile cause, providing crisis management around specific public and legislative issues, developing messaging to attract donors, or providing media training and consulting, FischTank is an ideal partner for non-profits and organizations with a specific cause or mission.

We have long demonstrated an ability to generate media coverage that supports not for- and non-profits, international fundraising campaigns, government bodies, corporations committing to corporate social responsibility, and individuals seeking exposure in support of their advocacy. We develop very specific messaging, and seek online, print and broadcast coverage that can drive interest and donations, but also be used as touchpoints via traditional and digital marketing materials.

We are unique in our ability to produce mainstream, national coverage as well as conduct very targeted outreach to local publications, bloggers, and small media outlets that speak to a very specific subject, such as homelessness, disease, or others.

FischTank Marketing and PR has worked with financial non-profits, homeless shelters, educational outreach programs, sexual abuse awareness groups, drug awareness groups, and health-oriented causes designed to empower specific audiences.