Everyone believes their product and/or service is unique, and in many cases that’s true. Unfortunately, it’s no longer just about what your capabilities are, but how you position them to stand out in a saturated market. An in-depth brand messaging and positioning session can refresh your branding and more clearly differentiate you from your competition. For those looking to make an immediate change however, there are three easy tricks to put a creative spin on how you communicate your own value. 

  • Reframe how you define or position value
  • Focus on fear of loss vs. potential profit
  • Evaluate where you fit in the larger puzzle & be realistic about it

Reframe how you define or position value

Most standard brand messaging points focus on how a product or service can reduce time and costs. Having these stats on hand is a great starting place for showcasing value and is fairly standard – Geico says you can save 10% or more on car insurance; smart building technology companies claim that you can cut energy costs up to 25%, etc. To stand out, you need to go a step further and connect the dots for customers by reframing this value and showcasing what these savings will translate to. For example, instead of looking at what percentage you can save on car insurance, focus on how those savings could cover a few car payments each year, or how energy savings in smart buildings could fund the full-time salaries of two new staff members. To determine how to define value, take a step back and ask yourself – how will these savings be used and what comparisons can easily communicate this? 

Focus on fear of loss vs. potential profit

People are inherently driven by fear of loss. Keeping this in mind when positioning your product or service can help convert even the most challenging targets. The potential of gain or profit is compelling and will often attract early adopters who are open to change. Not every target customer is as open however, and those who are more hesitant to change often need the added pressure of losing out on cost, compliance, or other important areas to shift how they operate and what they purchase. Make it clear what a potential customer will miss out on if they do not purchase your product or service and force them to ask themselves if they can afford taking that risk. 

Evaluate where you fit in the larger puzzle & be realistic about it

One of the most common mistakes brands make when they’re positioning themselves is focusing solely on what they bring to the table instead of spotlighting where they fit into the larger picture. Most products or services are a single part to the larger solution and brands need to be upfront about this. Adopting your product won’t solve all of a customer’s problems but it can alleviate some of the most pressing challenges, enhance convenience and efficiency, or even just simplify daily tasks and routines. Be realistic and transparent about where your product or service fits in the puzzle to build trust with the customer. 

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel while refreshing your messaging to help your brand stand out against the competition. Many brands already have a good starting place – knowing their unique value, the challenge is in redefining value in new and creative ways. 

Want to discuss how simple tweaks to your brand messaging can lead to greater media relations and marketing success? Let’s talk: letswork@fischtankpr.com.

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Kate Caruso-Sharpe

Kate Caruso-Sharpe is a Senior Account Director at FischTank PR with a background in marketing, PR and sales for the technology, healthcare, energy, cybersecurity and CPG sectors. Kate is a firm believer in the fact that no two client campaigns should look exactly alike and strives to bring the highest level of customization and personalization to every client’s public relations & marketing program. Prior to her current role with FischTank PR, Kate worked with companies including ABI Marketing & PR, North American Breweries and Monster Beverage Corp. Kate earned her Bachelor’s Degree in political science from Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY, with a minor in sociology.

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